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ANSI Safety Specialist
CIS - Classic Industrial Supplies is located in Morton Grove, Illinois  
Classic Industrial
Founded in 1999, Classic Industrial Supplies (CIS) manufactures and distributes high quality, low priced ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 safety garments to distributors, advertising specialty and promotional companies. We strive to provide our customers with service that is un-matched in our industry.

Quality & Safety
Our commitment to you.

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality safety garments that meet industry safety standards and provide comfort and durability. Our safety garments meet ANSI Class 2 or ANSI Class 3 standards and are tested to insure durability.

Customer Service
Our commitment to you.

Providing our customers with quality safety products at the lowest price is only part of our commitment - we strive to offer un-matched customer service and the following:

We offer a wide variety of ANSI Class 3 Safety Jackets for all climates and weather conditions. Our safety JACKETS are manufactured using the best quality materials from fabrics to zippers.

Our ANSI Class 2 & Class 3 T-Shirts come in a variety of styles and are manufactured using quality fabrics. We offer short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless shirts in micro-mesh and birdseye knit.
From full feature, to breakaway to DOT and economy versions - CIS offers multiple ANSI Class 3 and ANSI Class 2 Vests - in a variety of styles to fit any need.

Our premium ANSI CLASS 3 rainwear offerings will keep you dry in the wettest weather.

We offer Hi-Viz Safety Ball Caps, Knit Winter Caps, Polar Fleece Caps, and Helmets to keep workers visible and safe from head to toe.

Our Commitment

"Keeping the American Working Man and Woman Safe - While They Work - Is What We Strive to Do Everyday."